Friday, December 12, 2014

Apollo Part 1: AS-1 through AS-13

"Apollo Part 1" will be the first book released in the Growing Up With Spaceflight series. Covering Apollo 1 through Apollo 13 the book looks at the effort to get mankind to the moon through the eyes of the author from age 9 to the age of 12. Of course the story goes beyond just Hot Wheels track and  Revell  models as we follow a kid who was casually interested in the space program and watch as he turns into an insane space-buff. Along the way a good deal of fun details about the program are included. The author, who is well known in Great Lakes maritime circles for his deep research of otherwise over-looked facts and weaving that information into narrative form, applies tidbits  that you may never before have known into each story.

You'll feel as if you are sitting with him in the dark watching that historic Christmas eve broadcast from the Moon during Apollo 8, because you may well have been doing the same thing yourself. It will strike you that his story is also your story as memories come flooding back.

This volume is now in publication and can be found on Kindle, Amazon (for the print version), KoBo, B&N and

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